Get Your First High-Paying Freelance Client in 90 Days

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Whether you’re an absolute beginner and never earned a dime writing online… Or a freelancer who’s frustrated with $5 gigs on Upwork & Fiverr, I’m going to change your life in just 90 days from now!

What makes me so confident?

Because I changed mine (and of other writers - check the reviews below!)

I started freelancing in December 2020. Since then, I've made $40k+ from freelance writing in 13 months. Now, when I look back, I could see a pattern in my success.

A pattern, if followed properly, can speed up the entire process.

This is the exact pattern I’m sharing with you.

It will eliminate all the confusion and guesswork from your freelancing journey and help you follow an already proven step-by-step plan to start booking high-paying clients in just 90 days from now!

Why 90 you ask?

Because if you’re an absolute beginner, 70 out of those 90 days are spent building your personal brand. If you've already worked on building a personal brand, then this guide could help you land your dream client in less than 20 days.

Yes, it's that effective!

If you grabbed this guide today, this is how your life will look 90 days from now:

  1. You'd understand how exactly to approach and start working with global clients.
  2. You'd gain confidence on how to write better and build your portfolio the right way.
  3. You'd learn pitching secrets to draft your offer with confidence and the right attitude.
  4. You'll get templates you can copy right away so no client is likely to refuse your offer.
  5. You'd understand what it takes to earn 4-figures USD each month by working 6-7 hours each day.

    What to expect

  • A 6-step plan to attract clients who pay for writing EXACTLY what you want
  • 5 elements of a perfect pitch that no client can refuse (+ templates you can use)
  • Insider secrets to building a powerful portfolio in 70 days
  • Ditch $5 deals on Upwork & Fiverr. Land your dream clients directly through social media.

    Who is it for:

  • Writers who want to make writing a full-time career.
  • Ambitious freelancers who don’t mind earning thousands of dollars as a side income.
  • Writers who are tired of writing for the algorithm & want to get paid by writing about what they love.

Life is short. Don’t trade all your time for just a few bucks. You deserve much more than that.

There are so many happy things you can do in your life when you make more by working less. This is exactly what I want to help you with. A proven plan, that can change your life pretty quickly. As soon as in just 90 days.

Pricing (+ Bonus Resources for FREE)

The price is $30 for lifetime access to the Guide. All buyers also get three incredibly value-packed resources for FREE:

  • What to do when you don't know what to write: 31 content prompts for you to write your articles or posts about.
  • Where to start writing in 2022: A comprehensive analysis of all the writing platforms that currently exist on the internet, with detailed pros and cons of each to help you pick one.
  • How to write a good article: A detailed checklist to write a kickass article (complete with tips to write better titles and some formulas compiled from the most successful articles on the internet).

What the first reviews look like

I dropped this product in the market on 1st Feb 2022. The first reviews have already started pouring in. Have a look at what these amazing writers have to say-

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the guide help me if I'm an absolute beginner with 0 experience?

    Yes. The guide is designed in such a way that it will help you land your first high-paying freelance client in 90 days. This is assuming you're an absolute beginner. If you have already published a few articles online, the time taken to get the dream client will be much less (~20 days)
  2. Will it be good for other freelancers or just writers?

    Yes, it has pitching guides, general mindset shifts, and strategies to help you land a high-paying freelance client. The guide will be helpful to freelancers of any domain, but is tailor-made for writers.
  3. What time commitment should I give?

    It's a 90-day guide, but you can take it at your own pace. I know some people will complete all the steps in 30 days or less, while some might take longer. No pressure here. You get lifelong access, so you can take it at the pace you feel comfortable with.
  4. Is the price of $30 a one-time fee?

    Yes, it's a one-time fee and you get lifelong access to the guide. If you use the framework listed there to land even a single amazing client (which you will, I am sure), your $30 investment will be back 200x in just 3 months!
  5. Do you have other payment methods?

    Yes, direct bank transfer, PayPal, GooglePay - anything works. Send me a DM on Twitter and I'll help you make the payment through your preferred payment method.

Got any more questions?

Hit me a DM on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Get Your First High-Paying Freelance Client in 90 Days

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I want this!